Sunday, July 14, 2024

There are 25 million plus people in the world looking for online dating romances – for the long haul, or maybe for short-term sexual fun.

Either way is fine, but to make sure you get what you want, you have to be honest in your disclosures to all women you approach. And that means being honest from the very start.

It is disrespectful to lead women on – to make them think you are seeking commitment or marriage, when all you want is to have sex with as many women as possible.

Believe it or not, many women are okay with this – as long as you do not attempt to deceive them. If you meet a woman that understands your motivations, then this is going to be of benefit to both parties. Especially if later she starts to get clingy and needy, then you always have the out “But I told you from the beginning it was just sex!”.

By the same token, you must be aware if your feelings start to change. There have been many instances where men also fall in love with women who previously were just an option for empty sex. If you feel that you could be one of these guys – falling in love after just wanting casual fun – then make sure you either back out of the situation, or tell the woman about your feelings. But do it early on.

The risk is that she is also only interested in a sexual relationship – and you falling in love with her could be a big turn off  for her.

I have spoken with many guys who do fall in love with their online dates. Most of the time, they never wanted this to happen – it just did, somehow. Over half of these guys ended up starting relationships with women, only for them to collapse in a few months.

The reason?

It was because the motivation for meeting women was incompatible with what eventually happened. Pretty soon, these guys (and sometime the women) got itchy feet again, and started wanting to meet (and have sex with) other women and men. These relationships were doomed from the start. Sometimes, these relationships become acrimonious, and both partners end up not only bitter, but they have also lost a good fuck buddy!

So, to summarize – if you are using online dating sites as a hunting ground for sex, please try and be as honest as you can with any potential dates. It will save a lot of grief later.

But, if you want to keep all your online dating experiences x-rated, I’m not going to cast judgment on that choice either.

As a general rule, less than 10% of women on dating sites are seeking just sex. But they are there, and you can and will find them if you look hard enough. If that is what you really want. My free e-book gives you plenty of tips about this!

For men, the percentage just looking for physical loving online is much higher, and most women these days are aware of it and can sniff such guys out quite easily.

Don’t think you can deceive any woman you like with charm and humor just to get into her pants, because these days women are much smarter than they were even five years ago when it comes to sussing out what men are up to on online dating sites.


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