Tuesday, June 18, 2024

What am I Going to Talk About With My New Date?

Not every man has the talent for easy conversations with women when they first meet. In fact, the majority of men find conversation with women a challenge at the best of times.

Some guys have the gift of the gab – these are the lucky ones. A man with an easy flow of conversation can use this to great advantage, especially if he is less than handsome.

If you are trying to pick up women online, then this can be a great training ground for you. At least you will know beforehand – after some back and forth emailing – what she is interested in and what topics of conversation are going to be of interest for her.

By the same token, understand that women are also a bit anxious with new guys, and they also need to feel out their online dates first to know what the guys are interested in (apart from the obvious!).

Putting it bluntly, there are some golden subjects for conversation with women that are sure-fire winners with the majority of females. How far you intend to brush up on these topics is another matter!

Here are my top six topics for conversation with women:

  • their own girlfriends (this can include heaps of bitching and back-stabbing)
  • Hollywood gossip
  • shoes
  • astrology
  • hair and makeup
  • family matters

What men are into is usually an entire galaxy away from this: football, beer and tits. If your potential online date is into these things, you have struck gold. But, please be prepared for a reality check on this one.

One thing you should definitely not talk about is your ex (wife, girlfriend, whatever). Talking about your wonderful mother is also a mistake. Both of these topics lead to dating disaster.

The best way to approach conversations – and the easiest – is to let her take the lead. My number one dating tip here is simple: ask her lots of questions. You will find women love to talk about themselves and everything going on in their lives.

If you get to one of those uncomfortable pauses between courses at the restaurant – ask her something. Anything.

A good tactic is to prepare a list of questions beforehand for such emergencies. Try to make them a bit “off the wall” rather than the old standards. Try these:

  • If you were a man (or a hot lesbian), which famous female would you like to have sex with and why?
  • Who is your favorite cartoon character?
  • What job would be your dream occupation?
  • What is the most unusual meal you have ever eaten?

Questions like this will make you stand out from the other guys with their unoriginal and boring conversation topics.

Women are verbal, whereas men are more visual.

Women like to talk about their feelings, men like to watch porn.

What you need to do to engage your woman, to make her feel your keen and undivided interest, is to put as much effort into your conversation skills as possible.

Practise by sending online dating messages back and forth, then step it up to Skype or some other voice IM.

Next, you will be having phone conversations on your mobile, sending flirty text messages, communicating via Facebook and Twitter.

Then finally, in real-life dating world when it gets more challenging, you will be better prepared for conversation.


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