Sunday, July 14, 2024

Men Do the Dumbest Things in the World of Online Dating

Women and men share one thing in common – they both claim they don’t understand the other sex and what they are thinking.

And in many ways, I sympathize with the women – especially in Online Dating Land!

This applies to the groundwork the men do (profiles), and then the actual activities they engage in to:

  • find a woman online
  • date her offline
  • keep her interested

A very valuable online dating tip for guys – read what you can about stories of online dating mistakes that guys make. There are some hilarious accounts of all sorts of blunders and stuff-ups that will either bring tears to your eyes, or give you an uncomfortable feeling. Something like – shit, I’ve done that!

Checking out other guys’ online dating mistakes will help you avoid making the same errors.

The basics are where guys let themselves down.

The fundamental, number one online dating tip for men when we are talking about mistakes is this: First appearances are vital!

That means – photos must be the best you have. Some guys put up pictures of themselves that are, quite simply, an embarrassment to themselves and their bloody mothers! If you have any doubt – get a good and trustworthy friend to pick one for you. Then you are less likely to choose the one that you think is funny and shows off your “humorous” side. In reality, when women see you shirtless, beer belly on display, a knotted handkerchief on your head, and rolling around drunk at the football, they will think you are a complete dickhead!

In no particular order, here are some other classic fuck-ups committed by males in the quest to meet women via online dating:

  • Emailing women pictures of your sad cock before she agrees
  • Emailing women once they have told you clearly to fuck off
  • Sending women rude and harassing messages via online dating sites
  • Sending women poorly written messages that she won’t understand
  • Sending messages/texting/Twitter/Facebook while drunk or otherwise spaced out
  • Getting drunk before the date
  • Continuing to drink during the date to the point of vomiting and/or pissing your pants
  • Continually talking about your ex wife/girlfriend/boyfriend(!)
  • Trying to tongue kiss her when you meet for the first time
  • Taking your mother along on the date
  • Leaving your credit card at home
  • Talking dirty throughout the date, and using innuendo at every opportunity
  • Talking about yourself non-stop

Guys, this list can go on for pages and pages, but these are the most common and easiest to avoid.

The easiest way to eliminate a whole bunch of these online dating mistakes is – avoid alcohol and other substance abuse that makes you look – and behave – like a complete jerk-off.

If it makes you feel better, some women are shit at online dating behavior as well!


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