Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Why You Should Date MILFs, Cougars and Yummy Mummies

The number of single, divorced, widowed or separated older women on Internet dating sites is truly phenomenal.

These are the quality Cougars, MILFs, yummy mummies – whatever you want to call these honeys.

The MILFs you find online are a thousand times more attractive and desirable than the skanks down at your local bar or pub. You know the type – aged 35-100, dressed like teenagers. Some of them have got more gaps than teeth in their heads, and many are wasted on the cheapest wine the place will sell them. In short, yuck!

Contrast this wasteland with the top-quality Cougar landscape on Internet dating sites.

Here you will meet:

  • businesswomen
  • professional women
  • healthy women
  • sporty women
  • women with money
  • women with property
  • women with cars
  • secretary types with kinky black office dresses and strangely hot big glasses!

The list goes on and on.

The reason you will find lots of top-shelf, gorgeous mothers online is that they have the means to splash out and treat themselves to a decent online dating membership. They are also smart enough to know what type of man awaits them at the local bar or pub. That’s right – a male version of the female horror described above.

SIngle mums and other assorted MILFs are perfect online dating material for you for other reasons.

Most importantly, your average MILF is sexually more experienced than the younger, childless women you might meet online. Even if they have had some bad times with their exes, for some reason these women flock to the adult dating sites looking for men all over again. Let’s face it – they are sexually demanding and need to be satisfied.

If your target MILF has a couple of kids living at home with her, this can be a challenge. Depending on how far you want the relationship to go, be prepared for the chance that you will suddenly become a father figure to some kids you never met before.

Dating MILFs is actually a good way to tame some of your wilder behaviors. With MILF children, you can’t be partying as hard as you would at the club with a 20 year-old single chick. Don’t misunderstand, MILFs love to party hard, too. Usually in the bedroom!

My number one online dating tip for men when it comes to dating MILFs is as follows:

Put on your “mature guy” hat. These older women prefer a solid, dependable he-man. The toy boy, male bimbo variety is so yesterday.

If you can learn a few handy man tricks to help her around the house, you are pretty much guaranteed plenty of nookie from your grateful MILF!


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