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Crucial Online Dating Advice for Guys – Get Your Profile Right!

Once you have your online dating profile sorted out to your satisfaction on your favorite adult contact website, it’s time to get started on the actual hunt for women.

After all, that is your one and only objective on these types of dating sites – meet girls as quickly as you can, and then seal the deal ASAP.

Don’t ever forget, the adult dating website is just a vehicle for you to meet women. Some like to treat them as clubs, extended families, you name it. I’ve met people like this, and to me it’s rather lame. One exception to this is the parties that are sometimes organized. I once went on one of these parties with a girl I hooked up with on Adultmatchmaker in Brisbane, and by the end of the night I was banging her, plus another hot babe who happened to be at the dating site party. Lucky, I guess, on that occasion! I know for sure AdultFriendFinder also has groups that organize crazy dating parties, so check them out too!

Anyway, back to your first messages. These need to strike a careful balance between confidence and not being full of yourself, if you know what I mean. In other words, be assured of yourself, but not a cocky bastard who sounds like he is God’s gift to women.

There is plenty of detailed advice in my e-book on exactly how to go about structuring your initial contacts with women. Read the book, and implement the strategies. You will be way ahead of the pack with that knowledge.

As Eminem said, you only got one shot at the big time. That is why your initial contacts on adult dating sites are so crucial. You are competing with thousands of other guys for the attention of a smaller number of women. Therefore, you must treat the idea of your first message to the hot babe who has taken your fancy as your number one priority.

As I’ve said before, pretend you are writing a job application for a dream position that you have wanted for years and years. Now you have the opportunity. So, a huge online dating tip for men in this respect is … take your time. Once you get it right with one woman and you get the online dating vibe happening – you might like to base all your future contact efforts around this (and other) successful ones. Not necessarily ones that lead to hot sex straight away – although this is a bonus – but ones that catch the ladies’ attention and engage them on an ongoing basis.

If you rush into it, and your first email or message to the woman is of poor quality, she will delete your message straight away, and never, ever, respond to future messages you might send her. What a waste of everybody’s time, correct?

You can learn from your own experience if you want, but save yourself the time, energy and money and listen to Cam Langdon’s advice to hook up with horny and fun women on the Internet.


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