Sunday, July 14, 2024

Let’s firstly look at a “real-life” romantic encounter.

You see a beautiful girl across the bar. For a brief moment your eyes meet. You don’t know how, but suddenly you are sitting next to each other, giggling like teenagers. You both have sweaty palms, and you know this is something special.

It isn’t going to be a one-night stand, though. Both of you sense it. You get the girl’s phone number, and you know in your heart this is going to a “love” story. In your mind you are already planning romantic stuff to do – taking her to special places and doing the unexpected. All of that stuff we label “romance”.

But what exactly is romance? It is one of those terms that is so broad that it is difficult to put a narrow definition to the notion of romance. I have hear it said that romance is “describable but not definable”.

But, just like with flirting, you can be romantic in an online dating environment.

Firstly, romance is often associated with feelings of cuteness and matters of the heart. You can make your online personality (in your dating profile, for example) a romantic one.

For example, with your screen name (or nickname), give it a passionate kick with names containing things like “loverboy”, “yourlovingman”, “teddybearman”, “chocolateheart”, etc. Avoid words like ‘sex”, kinky” and other overtly sexual connotations in your profile.That is not seen as romantic by most women!

Also, in your photos – dress to kill, put on a wicked smile and take some snaps in a rose garden. Then upload to your profile.

When you send emails to your target women on dating sites, tell them how much you appreciate the time they are taking to communicate with you.

Big hint: that horrible word communication is one of the keys to being romantic with a woman. Talking openly about your emotions and feelings will help you get in touch with her on a deeper level. This can be a huge challenge for guys who do not have a romantic bone in their bodies.

For guys that just hate the notion of romance and all that lovey-dovey stuff, if your attempts at being romantic come off as forced, your lady will not be convinced. Better to stick with skanks who just like hard sex and a rough, smelly man. And if that’s what rocks your boat, then that’s entirely up to you. However, some guys like a woman with a bit more class than that!

In your emails to your ladies (before you have met), tell her you love romantic comedies and one of your favorite pastimes is going to see them with women who appreciate the genre, but prefer to watch them with men rather than their girlfriends. Believe me, many girls going to these films in packs wish they were on a guy’s arm instead!

Other things that you could take an interest in to prove you are a romantic man are:


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