Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Online dating failure is something a lot of guys worry about. And some guys just give up on online dating too early. The figures show that around 30% of men abandon online dating after three months because they don’t get what they want in a hurry. They consider themselves victims of online dating failure, or even rejection.

They are cry babies: why won’t she call me or answer my email? She must be a stuck-up bitch. Boo hoo!

The problem with these guys is twofold.

Firstly, their expectations are much too high.

Think about it for just a minute. Imagine you have logged onto your favorite Internet dating website and you start browsing the profiles of the women members.

Question. Do you send messages to absolutely every woman who has posted a profile?

Of course not! You have your preferences, which is only natural. You may have a yen for Asian girls, a predilection for fat women, black women – you name it. And that is your right.

And guess what? The girls also have different tastes.

For example, you may be the best looking guy on the entire dating website. You may be ripped like a professional aerobics instructor and have a fantastic job. You have money to burn, and no personal baggage. Every woman’s dream, right?

Well, not necessarily. She may actually be into tubby, bald guys with excessive body hair. Believe it or not, there are women out there for whom that type of guy is absolutely her ideal dream date and lover.

So, the lesson from that is simple. Target only those women whose profiles state the type of guy that fits who you are in reality. If the profile states she hates body piercings and tattoos (which you have plenty of), but you tick all the other boxes, you may think she’ll forgive a few minuses in your profile. Yes, she might. And she might not.

In other words, do not be surprised when women do not respond, begging you to date them and have sex with them immediately. It may just be that you are not her type. Simple as that.

The second part of the problem is impatience.

Lots of guys are expecting fast results with no effort and the wrong attitude. Not only that, they also make big mistakes that ruin their chances of meeting women online. Check out my other articles for guidance on how to avoid these online dating mistakes, and you will greatly increase your chances of dating success.

Dating on the Internet is just like sales – but actually a lot easier. Keep knocking on doors, and sooner or later some nice lady will buy what you have in your catalog. Giving up never produced results.

But, if you are a persistent guy, it will pay off big dividends as all the other wannabes drop off the radar, leaving more lovely ladies for you to choose from in your online dating adventures.


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