Thursday, May 30, 2024

What is a “Chick Magnet”?

This is sometimes also referred to as “pussy magnet” or “babe magnet”.

There are actually two definitions.

  1. A man who easily attracts women
  2. An artificial aid to attract women

How to turn yourself into a human chick magnet is one helluva task, and one that is covered to some degree in my e-book. Some guys are naturally blessed physically, have the right pick up lines, and all the other attributes. Other guys have to work at it.

But, there are some “things” you can use to your advantage to act like pussy magnets.

Here are a few ideas.

Walking the Dog

If you are at the beach or the park for a bit of a stroll, increase your chances of initiating a conversation with women by taking a dog with you for company. Women in general tend to go for the small, cute and fluffy breeds of dog. If you don’t own a dog yourself, borrow one from a friend. You will find it much easier to start a conversation with a woman if you have a puppy in tow. It’s a good idea to know the breed and a few other details about the dog beforehand – she might ask you questions about Fido. Best results are achieved when the woman also has a dog with her – you immediately have some common ground.

A Nice Car

Did you see the Borat movie, where he asks the driving instructor “Where is pussy magnet?” Funny shit! But the driving instructor did point out that it was the entire car that was the pussy magnet – not a real magnet hidden away somewhere that would attract women.

Yes, if you can afford a nice car, this certainly helps to get some motivated girls interested in you. For best results, try a red convertible. If you can’t afford to buy – hire.

A Good Suit

Classy ladies love classy men. And classy men wear nice suits. Spend the maximum you can afford on two nice suits – a navy and a charcoal grey – and throw in a couple of cool ties. These accessories are a must for serious single guys who want to pick up women with class. Don’t forget some black leather shoes (Italian if possible). Cuff links are optional, but they add a little something. Especially if they are gold cuff links.

A Friend in Need

Compassion is a quality many women admire. If you are seen out in the park pushing a wheelchair as part of your part-time job looking after someone with a disability, then you automatically get a whole bunch of credits as a compassionate man. This equates to a loving man in her eyes. It also helps if you are genuinely interested in assisting a disabled person. If not – this tactic is definitely not going to work, and she will see it as a cynical ploy just to pick up women.

Power Job

If you have a job in one of the higher paying professions, you have more choice of the women you date, and also the places you are able to take her and impress her. If you know some powerful and important people as a result of your job, then that is a bonus. Power is a fantastic aphrodisiac for women – greater even than money.

Surprise! You Don’t Really Need Any Chick Magnets

Why not?

Because with online dating you will be able to filter out the women who are superficial bitches and for whom meaningless chick magnets are important. Do you really want to be involved with a woman more concerned about “things” than she is about “you”?

Probably not.

But if you are, take note of the above dating tips, and see if they get you anywhere. Honestly, though, you don’t really need them.

Okay, apart from the nice suits – these are a must for any man in any circumstances.


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