Sunday, July 14, 2024

Before we even start to question the reasons and motivations why women join online dating services, it might be a good idea to put the same question to yourself.

Why am I trying online dating?

Whatever your reply, you have need to understand that no matter what answer you give, that answer is legitimate.

You need never feel ashamed that you are trying Internet dating to meet women – you have as much right to try the online version as all the try-hards wasting their time, money and energy trying to pick up women in bars and nightclubs.

There are a few reasons for men joining dating sites, but the most common are as follows, in order of freuency.

Casual Relationship

This is the number one reason men tend to sign up for online dating memberships. This category is filled by men of all statuses: single, separated, divorced, married. Sometimes married men will join up with their wives or girlfriends if they are into wife swapping, swingers parties etc.

Guys looking for casual sex and a bit of fun every now and then look to specific adult dating sites.

The best of these and how to use them to the utmost is all described in detail in my free e-book which you can download, no obligation.

Permanent Relationship

This category is either single guys or men in relationships they want to get out of. Men looking for a wife or long-term partner tend to head for sites like eharmony, RSVP and similar. These dating sites pitch their wholesome image, and try and weed out the guys looking for a fling and a bit if fun.

These site actually do a very good job (though they are not for Cam!), and often result in marriages that outlast the ones that happen “offline”.


Some guys join dating sites just to expand their circle of friends to include more women. Strange, I know, but this answer is for real and has been given in online dating surveys.

So, whatever your motivation for joining Internet dating sites, you can be sure that you are not weird in any way.

It is today a perfectly normal and productive way of finding women fast, for whatever reason!


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