Thursday, May 30, 2024

Virtual sex – the exchange of sexy and flirtatious messages over the Internet, talking dirty on your cell phone or sending SMS messages – can be heaps of fun.

It’s a great way to find out whether the girl you met on an adult dating site is going to be a straight-laced good girl, or a nasty bad girl! It won’t take long to find out by analyzing the answers you get to your texts that probably leave little to her imagination!

But this is just a warm up. The final goal of virtual sex MUST BE to convert all of this exciting flirtatiousness into real encounters with real women.

Some women are happy with virtual sex without the follow up. They will happily lead you on with promises of this or that sexual favor, but somehow the meetings get put off again and again. This could be due to the woman being a fake – but believe me, there are a lot of real women playing this silly game.

Therefore, you should engage in virtual or cyber sex for a set period of time only. Don’t go beyond this period.

You decide for how long, but once that time is up, if you haven’t converted the virtual sex play into real encounters, you need to drop the woman from your list of desirables. Move onto the next one.

On the other hand, once you have established a proper real-life relationship with a woman you met via online dating, it’s great to keep up the sensuality by indulging in virtual sex for those times when you are apart. When you are at work is great fun!

This will keep the spark alive for a longer time than would normally be the case. If you can still be texting sexy messages to your women after a year or more (provided there is a real relationship to go with it), then you will be guaranteed a wonderful love life.

Some lucky couples can keep the spark going in their romantic and sexual relationships for years – they are keen on each other from start to finish. It’s rare, but it can happen!

So, by all means, have fun with virtual sexual activities, but sooner or later it will be time to get down and dirty for real!


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