Tuesday, June 18, 2024

If for some reason you want to challenge yourself by flirting and picking up girls at some offline venues, where are the best places to go looking?

Before I give my view on that, let me stress you will be saving heaps of time and energy by going after women on online dating services, because there you can pick and choose at your leisure from thousands of women – maybe hundreds of thousands depending where you live. Download my e-book Turn Cyber Sex Into Reality to find out exactly how.

Here are three really cool places for the more confident amongst us to go picking up women.

The local library

The local library is an ideal place to go hunting for intellectual girls and women. On the other hand, it is now such common knowledge in society that libraries are great places for men and women to hook up, that some women with little or no interest in reading are going there just to get some cock action. Strange but true!

You will also find some geeky girl types here who are a little low on social skills and confidence, but who are also in need of some loving from a man. These are easily recognizable and very easy to pick up. Check for these girls with big glasses and dorky clothing in sections with books about: computers, dungeons and dragons, medieval history, science fiction and fantasy. If you see a chick with one of those god-awful vampire novels, go for it. These books are full of sex and get their female readers very randy!

Art Gallery

At the art gallery, you have time to pick and choose. The lady art lovers will be standing and staring at a weird painting, just waiting for a man to walk up and engage them in some empty conversation about the meaning of the piece of art in relation to … blah, blah. In reality, she wants to take you home and do some body painting!


Look for the women with the sexiest underwear (thongs, peak-a-boo bras and crotchless knickers) spinning around in the tumble dryer. These women are virtually advertising their sexuality and desire to be approached by strangers.

So, try these three pick-up venues and see how you go. I can tell you, though, your success online will be much greater. But venturing outdoors for some skirt chasing can be heaps of fun – even if you come up empty handed.


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