Thursday, May 30, 2024

It’s true, even blokes who are experts in having sex with women their own age by charming them into bed can be unsuccessful with younger women.


Because they have totally the wrong idea about girls in the younger age bracket. They believe the images they see on television and in the media about younger women and what they want and prefer from their guys. The majority of men are clueless about chicks from their early to mid twenties (sometimes this even extends to guys who are themselves in that age bracket).

A lot of older men commit the huge error of trying to make themselves appear and act younger in a pathetic attempt to “relate” to girls. It is a sad sight indeed to see middle-aged geezers at the nightclubs trying to behave like young studs – the clothes, the dancing, the whole nine yards. It is a massive mistake to think that you can compete with the young bucks on their own turf.

On the contrary, act your age – be that older and mature man. Don’t lie about how old you are, and use it as an asset. You have to let her feel that by allowing her to be with a mature and  experienced gentleman, you are in fact doing her a favor, and not the other way around.

Women are hugely attracted to experience – that’s why an old fart like Sean Connery was voted the sexiest man alive even when he was old and grey. He had that certain air of sophistication that women find irresistible. Moreover, younger women are sick of the immature and loutish behavior that is becoming more and more common among the younger generation of men.

If you are able to act your age, but without being a fuddy-duddy who hates everything modern, then you have a huge chance with younger women. Be attuned to the ones who lean towards an older gentleman. There are millions of them out there! They, in turn, will make you feel younger.

Whatever you do, do not be a “grumpy old man”. Be a fun and exciting mature man, instead!

And, if you are still doubtful, then listen to the scientists who have shown that women are biologically attracted to older men – as long as they are still fit, active and exuding the confidence of their younger counterparts.

If you can satisfy a younger woman sexually as well, then you have the game stitched up, old fella! Use those little blue Viagra pills if you have to – you would hate to see that young babe get away because you forgot that she has sexual needs and desires as well!


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