Monday, July 15, 2024

Have you wondered about the massive popularity and growth of online dating around the world?

The reason for this is simple – it works!

Online dating is basically an extension of ancient traditions, a reworked modern version of older matchmaking methods. Many years ago, there were dedicated matchmakers in small villages and towns who ensured everyone got a mate. Men and women went about their daily existence knowing that they would end up with a wife or husband – no worries. This is still practised in cultures in India and other countries in the form of arranged marriages. Ah, the simpler times!

Then, not so long ago, there appeared dating agencies with real office space, secretaries and people’s information stored in metal filing cabinets. So-called experts (often with no proper training) would match men and women up with others they thought would be compatible. A very hit-and-miss technique! These agencies do still exist, but on a much smaller scale. Actually, the Internet dating agency eHarmony works in a similar manner today, but these guys are a bit more sophisticated – I hope!

Why is Online Dating the Way to Go?

Because the choice has gone from a dozen or so potential partners for you in the “street agency” scenario, to literally millions of online women waiting for you to contact them.

The great thing is – even if you are not a handsome, confident he-man, you will have a chance online because there are a gazillion women that match up with you perfectly. Whatever your specific wants and needs. You only have to look and you will find them.

With your online dating profile, for example, you get to say exactly what you want about yourself. If it doesn’t work, change your profile a little bit. Or a lot. It’s up to you. It’s like Facebook or your own personal blog – you are in total control of what people can see.

If you really want to meet women online, though, you cannot be half-hearted. It pays dividends to be as descriptive about yourself as possible, and hide nothing that will come up later when you take these online beauties out on real dates.

The chances that you will find an online life-partner, or even a casual sex partner, is astronomically higher on the Internet than in pubs, clubs and bars. Statistics prove it.

In addition to the women being able to see everything about you that you are willing to advertise, with online dating you have the ability to take your own sweet time. You can browse literally thousands of women’s profiles. Make some your favourites if you are unsure. Go back and look at them later to see if they still grab your fancy.

Online dating for men can be like a window-shopping experience for women. Look, take your time, then decide.

Remember also that this is a numbers game, and with Internet dating you should never take things personally. If a woman fails to respond – or responds negatively – move  on to the next one.

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