Thursday, May 30, 2024

Become a Chubby Chaser and Get Laid More Often

The number of larger, chubby women on Internet dating sites is phenomenal.

One of my top online dating tips for men is this – target the chubby women, and you will have a guaranteed fun time. And regular sex!

There are probably more fat women, voluptuous women, call them what you will, on online dating sites today (proportionally), than you will find on the street. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out why.

It’s because BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) don’t do much exercise, apart from waddling to the fridge to get more cold fried chicken, a beer or whatever. They like their indoor activities the most – eating, sleeping and fucking.

But one thing is for sure – there are many, many big girls online waiting for you, Romeo.

Just scroll down the long list of profiles – you will see their eager, chubby-cheeked faces grinning away at you.

If you have a real fat woman fetish, then there are entire dating sites just for this kink. Have you seen the fat broad who makes a living eating in her bed while sad wankers watch on a web-cam and jerk off to her jiggling blubber? Amazing, but true!

Fat chicks have many advantages:

  • Big women love putting things in their hungry mouths (mmm… I know what you are thinking!)
  • Big women are true to their men/women (yes, there are many bi and lesbian fat women)
  • Big women are good providers for their families (check out a single mom fattie – her kids are fat too!), even if they have little money. It’s a miracle, sometimes, how they can manage so much food on welfare!
  • Big women will treat you right in bed. Goodness knows, they are grateful for the attention.
  • Big women like to laugh.
  • Big women make sure you stay fit and healthy – having sex with them can be a whole workout session for you. Especially if she gets on top!

So, take my advice, and target some BBW, chubby women online, and you will be nestling your head between their heaving, enormous titties in no time.


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