Sunday, July 14, 2024

Meet More Girls From More Locations

One of the limitations to “offline dating” is that you are only going to meet women in the actual physical space you are occupying at any given moment. That sounds a bit scientific, but it’s true!

You can only talk to one girl at one time in the bar or at the club. With online dating, men can talk to a huge number of women at the one time. One of the best tools for this is the chatrooms that many online dating services provide. You can be speaking to several women at the same time, and none of the others need know that they are not the “one and only” focus of your attention.

Another thing about Internet dating, is the way you can connect with people from out of your town, state or even country!

We have all heard the stories of Internet romance that have blossomed between men and women separated by vast distances – for example a Texan farmer meets, falls in love with and marries a lonely girl from a small town in New Zealand!

Anything is possible!

But even if you don’t want to expand your horizons that far, there is nothing wrong with filling your tank full of gas and heading a few hundred miles up the highway to hook up with a woman you met on an online dating forum.

In fact, I encourage it!

Yours truly has had many amazing experiences with country girls a few hours’ drive up the freeway. Country girls are mighty hospitable and welcoming to city boys, if you know what I mean. Some advantage of  country girls:

  • fit and healthy
  • great cooks
  • love hard work (make your life easier)
  • can do mechanical things
  • can milk cows
  • love all kinds of physical activities

By the same token, city women are mad keen on getting it on with country boys. So if you are a fit country lad, have a go at getting together with a classy city lady who would like nothing more than showing you the city lights and her silky tights.

So, open up new vistas by expanding your online search for women to areas a little bit further afield.

You will be delighted by the results!


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