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What Do Women Want From You on a Dating Site?

You are a man seeking women through an online dating site. You know the reasons you are trying online dating and what you are expecting.

But what do women expect to get out of their online dating experience?

To a large extent, many reasons are the same for men and women, but the degree of their importance may differ.


One of the main reasons women turn to online dating is companionship. They are lonely, either due to their work demands or other circumstances. Perhaps they are victims of real-life abuse by a man and are fearful of trying to meet a new partner in reality. Maybe cyber space seems “safer” to them.

For women looking for companionship, sex is not as important as it may be to you as a virile male with high levels of testosterone. These single women want a solid man who is going to:

  • sit on the sofa watching TV with her for hours
  • be handy with house-hold repairs
  • stay home every night of the week
  • suspend many relationships with his male friends
  • be generally dependable and reliable no matter what.

Long-Term Relationship

These women are generally in their early 20′s to mid 30′s. They want to have babies and make a home. All of their girlfriends have babies, but they themselves are unable to find a man in their circle of friends and acquaintances. Therefore, they flock to Internet dating sites in the hope of finding a “sperm donor”, and a man who wants to be a father and loving husband.

These women might be sexually switched-on as well, but their primary focus is getting hold of a man who will stick around forever.

Some women of this type may have been in a poor relationship before, but they are eternally optimistic and eager to find a man who will be the family rock for many, many years to come.

Short-Term Casual Affairs

These types of women can be of any age, but often they fall into the Cougar or MILF category. These are fantastic to target via online dating.

You will find these females are very keen to get you into bed and show you all the tricks they have learned over the years.

If you are lucky, they may have the mindset of a cougar or MILF, but they could be younger and more energetic. These are diamonds, and worth pursuing if you find one.

Sugar Daddy

Sadly, there are a few unscrupulous females – usually younger but highly intelligent and street-smart – who join adult online dating services with the primary aim of finding and fleecing older, rich men who are desperate for some loving from a pretty young thing. Having a young and beautiful woman dangling off their arms makes these old guys feel younger themselves, and boosts their morale and self-confidence. Perhaps these single girls chasing sugar daddies are doing a service after all?

As you can see, women join online dating services for many and varied reasons. Just be sure you understand the type you are getting involved with.

My number one online dating tip for men regarding women’s reasons for joining adult dating sites: be up-front and put the question to your online dates. “Why did you join, and what are your expectations?”

Then you will be clear in your mind about how to proceed further.


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