Sunday, July 14, 2024

Niche dating sites and specialty dating sites serve those with specific needs and desires when it comes to meeting singles online.

We only live once, so why should we settle for less?

In the world of online dating, you can now be ultra-specific in your choice of a nich dating site. Once upon a time, when there were only a handful of players, there were no niche dating sites at all, and you had to take your chances in an enormous pool of members. Actually, I like this best, but bear with me.

Just say you are a young guy awaiting the draft for a trial in the NBA. Chances are you are a tall guy. Wanna meet a tall woman on a specialty sating site because you feel uncomfortable with women under 6 feet? No problem – visit If you are always getting asked that annoying question: What’s the weather like up there? you can put a stop to it if you are a lanky dude or chick living in Australia, Canada, UK or USA.

Do you prefer firey redheads? Stop wasting time scrolling through profiles of blondies and brunettes. Cut right to the chase and meet up with a redhead woman on Show your ginger pride!

These are just two such sites. Here are some more, in no particular order of fussiness!

  • – from crimes of passion to just passion (fingers crossed!)
  • – for cat (pussy?) lovers
  • – for graduates and faculty members of super exclusive institutes of learning. No low IQs or poor folks please!
  • – plant the seeds of love to see a bountiful crop of online dating desire. Or just ride a cow for fun.
  • – want to have some fun with seamen? For those who have a love of boating and all things nautical.
  • – for people who have sexually transmitted diseases. WTF?
  • – for folks with all sorts of health problems. Does that include hypochondria?
  • – if there is a geekier online dating service anywhere in the world, what on Earth could it be? Eyes peeled for the appearance of in a few years!

To some degree, it is completely understandable why these niche online dating sites have emerged, and continue to appear.

People like to feel a part of a community. That is why there are so many clubs that unite people with a passion for one thing or another. From toy trains to football to astrology. For many, these interests are the reason they get out of bed in the morning. Without them, they would feel a big void in their lives.

So it is with Internet dating. People with idiosyncrasies or physical attributes that they cannot change feel comfortable surrounded by others with the same things going on in their lives. And, naturally, this can lead to romantic and sexual attraction and fulfillment. Niche online dating facilitates this process beautifully.

Despite the appearance of these useful websites, unless you are super fussy and picky about the type of human you want to pair up with, you can find an amazing array of interesting and varied people on the bigger, conventional sites. But these other ones sure look like fun, and do cater to genuine needs (in most cases – not sure about the Star Trek one, though).


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