Sunday, July 14, 2024

Many so-called free Internet dating sites are only free to a certain extent.

It might be free to join, but if you want to enjoy all of the special features on these sites, you have to take out a membership.

Some guys hesitate here, and this is very wrong in my opinion.

The pay dating sites have to make a profit if they are going to continue offering some of their deluxe services. It costs money to give you all these messaging options, webcams, chat-rooms etc etc. It is only fair that they charge.

But is it too much money?

When you compare the cost of taking a woman out to dinner, a movie or whatever, add a few drinks here and there, flowers, chocolates, then you will understand.

A whole year’s membership on a quality Internet dating service can sometimes equal the price of a couple of dates!

Quite often, women don’t pay for their memberships. They don’t really have to worry about this if they are attractive, because there are enough male members to keep them busy.

However, you will find some older, Cougar and MILF type members who have paid the premium dating membership fee.

If you want plenty of action, target these women. They are well motivated, and want to get their money’s worth.

If you want to check whether my online dating advice for men is true in this regard, I strongly suggest you take out a free membership, and see how many dates you get. Then, take out a paid membership (pay for the best type you can), and make a comparison. Then write to me and tell me I was right!

Whichever path you choose to take, I can say with much conviction that paid dating sites – especially with the bigger, reputable operators (read my book to see which ones they are) – offer more choice of women, and these women are more likely to respond to you if you are also a paid member.

Good luck!


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