Tuesday, June 18, 2024

What are Some Problems Associated with Online Dating?

Although online dating has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for men and women to meet and form relationships (short or long-term, it doesn’t matter), it’s important to realize that there are some minor potential dangers.

In general, the benefits of online dating outweigh the negatives. However, it would be bad form not to point these out to newbies and veterans alike.

For women, the potential dangers and problems are somewhat different. These usually revolve around physical safety and con artist guys trying to rip off money from lonely women. Although this is a terrible thing, it doesn’t affect the guys so much. There is heaps of advice on the Internet for women – they are well looked after in this area.

The best online dating warning for men that I can describe as far as problems goes is related to this – sometimes you will be talking to a woman who either:

  • doesn’t exist (i.e. is a fake profile/computer-generated robot); or
  • exists, but is only stringing you along (e.g. in Australia this might be a backpacker being paid beer money by a smaller dating site to lure in men)

This once happened to me, but it was easy to get out of. All I did was ask the “woman” I was corresponding with online about the upcoming test match or some other sporting event – maybe the Melbourne Cup – and she/it could not answer in a way a real person would have. BUSTED!

To avoid this sort of thing happening to you – only join the big, trustworthy online dating sites, like Adultmatchmaker and AdultFriendFinder. They are very thorough in weeding out fake profiles and are not known for scamming their customers. Quite the opposite – they look after their client base extremely well!

Some men are worried they might be recognized on a dating site, causing them embarrassment. Hey – if you want all the benefits of online dating, then you have to be prepared for a little exposure. So, in reality, this is not a problem with the concept of online dating, more like a problem with the mentality of some members.

Some guys think that online dating is a rip-off because they are not having any luck – therefore no sex after paying for a membership. Wrong again! This is because these men are doing everything wrong, and perhaps have their sights set too high, expecting hot babes to be jumping all over them, night and day.

If approached properly, you will be getting all the pussy you can handle from online dating services – just learn from Cam what you need to do!


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