Sunday, July 14, 2024

Guys, when you are posting your photos on a dating website to try and stir a response from women, there are certain strategies and tactics you need to be using.

Getting your photos right for your online dating profile mean you need to pay attention to a few things:

  • the number of photos
  • the type of photos
  • the quality of photos

1. Lets start with the number of photos you post on your Internet dating profile. Experience shows, that the optimum number is five. Any more than that and you start to test the patience of your potential target women. Any less, and these women start to think that there isn’t much to you, your life, and your personality. So, trust the statistics that show the magic number to be five. If you just stick up the one picture, then your response rate is going to very tiny indeed.

2. Next, you need to think about the type of photos you put up. In other words – subject matter and setting. Recently, guys have been finding that they get massive responses when they post pictures showing them in the company of other people. Especially out with their buddies, having a good time. Try putting up some pics of you and your friends out having a great time fishing, at a barbecue or any type of outdoor activity. Action shots are great for the ladies. Sit astride a powerful motorcycle – even if you can’t ride the damned thing – and she will think you are a real he man. Another great idea is to take a photo of you standing in front of the barbecue, tongs in hand tending to the food. She will subconsciously think of you as the provider type of guy. And she, in turn will provide for you – your pleasure that is!

The reason for not just uploading five shots of you trying to look as hot and sexy as possible is psychological (as is most of the stuff you are doing on online dating sites, by the way). Women get a bit more of a sense of reassurance that you are not some kind of lone wolf crazy mother-fucker. When women see self-absorbed guys flexing there muscles and doing their very best to look like Mr Universe, they get a bit anxious about you. They ask themselves, “Why does this guy have no friends? Is he a weird bastard, or what?”

Men, on the other hand, are happy to see pictures of women on their own; the guys can see a lonely damsel in distress looking for you to come along and rescue her. Men are more visual, too, so they are looking to see women that are smoking hot and wearing as little clothing as possible. Like the old saying – for a woman to impress a man she just has to show up. Naked and with beer!

3. Finally, quality of picture. These days, there is no excuse for not posting the very best quality, high- resolution pictures you can. Blurry images of you, just stepping out of the shower with a towel around your waste, will lead nowhere. Get someone else to take the pictures – self-done shots look needy and ridiculous. Get all your pictures quality checked by a good friend. They will tell you what makes you look best, and what makes you look crap.


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