Sunday, July 14, 2024
Choosing Dating Profile Photos

Dating profile photos require a lot of your thought and attention. For your online dating profile to work properly for you, the photos you pick are going to make one helluva difference to your success rate.

Think about it. Your dating profile photo will be the first thing that a woman sees when she – hopefully – clicks on your ugly face to check out your dating profile. Now, she may be very interested in what you have to say about yourself. She may also be interested in your star sign and all that other crap. But – the pictures that you post against your dating profile will be what gets her interested. And, if the interest is not snared at that initial point – kiss her goodbye. And that’s not even a real kiss, buddy!

What do you look for in a woman? A beautiful face like Scarlett Johansonn, maybe? Gorgeous breasts like, um, Scarlett Johansonn’s boobies? Or maybe you are guided by her sense of style – does she dress like a hot, sexy and with-it modern young woman, or does she wear unflattering and ugly house dresses? Of course, you are going to pick the lady in the nice clothes, the one who strikes you as pretty, and one who seems, at least on the surface, to take care of her physical appearance and health. In short, you are looking for an online dating partner who matches your idea of “attractive”. It’s hard to say what the exact formula for attractive is, but you can be sure most guys will agree on what is unattractive. Usually too fat, too anorexic, irregular features, hunch back, that sort of shit…

And so, onto your photos as a male member of an online dating site. From the very beginning you have to realize that you will never, ever appeal to all the women on a particular dating site. Even if you are a handsome devil and God’s gift to women. It is simply impossible that you can attract women of all types, ages and tastes. And there is the keyword – taste. Generally, no matter what you look like physically, you will be attractive in the eyes of some women. And an absolute turn-off to others. That’s nature, guys, ya can’t fight it. But you can use it to your advantage.

The main thing to do with your online dating profile pictures is to portray yourself in the best light (both literally and figuratively).

Put on your favourite clothes for the photo shoot – the ones that you feel best reflect you as a person and the ones that you feel the most comfortable in. If you are a businessman who looks at ease in a suit and tie, by all means wear that crap. If you feel like a complete dickhead in formal gear, then that will be reflected in your photo. Go with what you are happy wearing. By the same token, at the very least try and look clean and tidy in your attire.

Don’t post bare-chested (or bear-chested if you are a hairy bugger) or semi-nude stuff. Unless, of course, you are a member of one of those red-hot naughty sites for adults who want to meet online only for the purposes of getting it on sexually (like AdultFriendFinder, AdultMatchMaker, RedHotPie etc). In that case – do whatever the hell you want! But on normal, conservative sites like e-Harmony and RSVP, keep it humble. Moreover, they will vet your naughty pics and boot you out of the club if you misbehave, dude!

Put in a picture or two in a social setting. Like at a party or barbecue. Women who only see you alone might think you are a loser sociopath, even if you aren’t. The fact that you get on with other people will increase the chances of her thinking she will get on with you.

Number of photos? There’s no rule of thumb here, but anywhere between three and, say, six, should be heaps.

Ask one of your true and best friends to help you pick out the photos to post on your dating profile. They will tell you the truth about what pictures make you look good and which ones make you look like a tosser. Even if it hurts your feelings, an honest opinion about these dating site photos will prove invaluable.


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