Monday, July 15, 2024

One of the greatest things for men thinking about trying online dating is this – it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can have success using Internet dating services.

From 18 to 108, Internet dating sites have potential partners for single men of all ages.

Some extra good news is that the older the guys get, the more women there are to pick from. This is because male life expectancy around the world is lower than that of women. Therefore, as we climb up the age brackets, there will be more older women online to choose from.

This trend will certainly pick up into the future, so men in 20 years time will be getting it on with ladies online even more than today.

I don’t know too many 80 year-old women that use the Internet on a regular basis, but when today’s technology-smart girls become old women, this will just be a normal part of life for them. On the other hand, there are plenty of 50-60 year-old ladies who are on the Internet every day, using Facebook and whatnot, so it won’t take long before all demographics are covered by online dating.

Guys in their 50s and over can try their hand at dating on mainstream dating sites, or they can choose to try ones specifically designed for seniors.

In my opinion, the older gentlemen should first try the mainstream dating sites, and the seniors sites second.


Because it just might be possible for an older man to hook up with an attractive younger girl on the mainstream sites, whereas on the seniors’ dating sites he is more limited in his choices of women.

Whatever, there are definitely folks of all ages, sizes, colors and creeds joining up online dating sites every day, and the selection of people is getting more and more varied and interesting. If he plays his cards right and has something to offer a younger woman, there is no reason in the world why an older gentleman cannot pick up a pretty, younger woman.

Just one word of caution – do not let yourself get caught by a younger woman who only wants to take your money.

If you are at all worried about the “sugar daddy” syndrome, then I strongly advise the older gentlemen to stick to ladies of their own vintage.


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